Innovative User Focused

We offer design thinking-based and technology driven services in digital product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation.

BMB Group

Website Design and Development

BMB Group is a eading ICT company in the Middle East and North Africa that provides IT solutions for all verticals. Our challenge is to come up with a new and innovative way to visualize and segment data to raise efficiency and discover possible audience extensions and acquire leads.

We successfully created an innovative product that unlocks new potential for BMB Group. The design was extremely well received by the executives and the client. The deep analytical tools give new power to the analysts as they raise the efficiency of the website.


Lead Generation Campaign

Cisco wanted to do a lead generation campaign targeting several countries in the Middle East. The goal of the campaign was to generate quality leads that can be converted to sales. Our challenge was to come up with a digital plan to be able to target the right audience.

We successfully created a landing page which was optimized to convert the most traffic to leads. We used different paid channels and optimized to get the most leads.


Generate sales online

L'occitane is a well known brand with thousands of stores worldwide. They wanted to do more online sales on their website and increase the volume of sales

We created a detailed digital marketing plan which utilized all the different online channels. We launched the campaigns using 2 of the best DSPs and were able to generate huge number of transactions on the website.

Banque Libano-Française

Lead Generation Campaign

Banque Libano-Française is a leading bank in Lebanon and wanted to generate leads for its housing loan campaign.

We launched the campaign using one of the top 5 DSPs and generated leads from all the online marketing channels utilized. We dropped the CPL from $12 to $5 in less than 2 weeks.


Lead Generation Campaign

Laserfiche is a world leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), document management (DMS) and BPM solutions.

We created a plan and launched a linkedin campaign together with a search campaign. They were able to generate over 900 valid leads in a short period of time with limited budget